Yodal for BlackBerry® smartphones

Yodal adds professional-quality digital dictation to BlackBerry® smartphones! Yodal's unique data streaming technology puts the file in the PA's inbox faster than any other product available. Yodal has all the functionality of a dedicated recorder, and has a superbly designed user interface for easy use.

Simple from start to finish

Yodal is designed to let you do the talking. It has powerful features for when you want them, but it won't get in your way when you just want to record and send.

Streaming sets Yodal apart

If your smartphone has a good signal, your recording will be sent in seconds, no matter how large it is. If you're in an area with limited coverage, it still takes less time to send a recording than it took to record it.

Editing is a breeze

Yodal makes it easy to edit what you've recorded. You can select a section while you're listening to it; you can delete, insert, append, and skip back through a recording in review mode if you need to find something.

Send to your PA

Yodal recordings go straight to your PA's email inbox. You can provide a reference and comments, and if you mark the recording as urgent, the email will be flagged as high priority.

Keep things secure

Yodal uses a secure connection to the Yodal server cloud. If you set a password for your recording, the audio is AES-256 encrypted to prevent unauthorised playback.

Robust file transfer

Once you press Send you can be sure that your recording will make it through to its destination, no matter what your signal's like. An indicator lets you know when your recording has been sent.

Organise your workload

Yodal allows you to see and hear all your old recordings, until you delete them. It's easy to keep track of what you've done.

Superb sound quality

Your BlackBerry® smartphone's microphone is excellent, but that's not good enough for us. We reduce the background noise in every Yodal recording, and our users really notice the difference.

Saves you money and time

With Yodal, you might not need an in-house digital dictation system. So there could be a big saving in deployment and support costs compared to traditional systems.

Enterprise edition

Yodal Enterprise Edition integrates tightly with V7's Digital Dictation system, providing the capability for work to be shared between PAs. Yodal users can select templates and view the status of work on the system from their handsets.

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