Yodal Player for PC

Yodal Player is a desktop application that allows Yodal voice recordings to be played back and transcribed. It produces high-quality audio on any PC running Windows® 2000 or later. Yodal Player is free of charge - even to corporate and professional users.


If you've ever listened to music on your computer, used an iPod or even a cassette player, Yodal Player will feel familiar straight away.

Foot Controls

Yodal Player works with most USB foot controls from Olympus, Philips and VEC. For details, see the data sheet here. We can supply you with foot controls and headsets, please get in touch for details.

Sound Quality

Yodal recordings sound superb. We apply noise reduction before you receive the recording to make the job of typing it as easy as we can.

Speed Control

Speed up or slow down the recording to suit your typing speed with minimal distortion.


Yodal Player lets you work the way you want to. You can change the pedal mappings, the skip-back interval or the audio output device in the Settings dialog.


Little things matter. Like being able to shrink Yodal Player to save screen space, or the fact that Yodal Player will automatically pick up from where you left off if you reopen a recording.

User guide

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Data Sheet

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Software update

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