What devices will Yodal work on?

Yodal is compatible with all modern BlackBerry® smartphones, except the Z30, Z10, Q10 and Q5. Yodal requires BlackBerry® operating system version 4.2.0 or later. To check which OS you have, key Alt+Shift+H from your BlackBerry home screen. Check that 'App Version' is at least 4.2.0. Yodal requires a media card.

We'll be releasing Yodal for other platforms, including BlackBerry 10, shortly. Please contact us if you would like more details.

How much does Yodal cost?

Yodal for BlackBerry® smartphones is a service that costs £50 a year per user, excluding VAT. Yodal Player is free of charge.

How do I get Yodal onto my handset?

We'll send you a download link once we have your details. On your handset, click on the link and Yodal will download and install. The software will then register itself by sending a single SMS (network charges apply, and this will be an overseas message if you are outside the UK or USA).

What about battery life?

Recording with Yodal consumes roughly the same amount of power as making a phone call. So check the 'talk time' in the specification of your handset. Yodal can be used while your handset is charging.

How much mobile data does Yodal use?

Yodal will automatically use Wi-Fi if it's available, in which case it won't use any mobile data. If no Wi-Fi connection is available, Yodal will transfer around 1.2Mb of mobile data for every 10 minutes recorded.

How are Yodal recordings transcribed?

Your recording is sent to the email address you enter. It can then be transcribed with our free Yodal Player software. A link to the Yodal Player download is included in each Yodal email. You can find out more about Yodal Player here

Can I add a password to Yodal recordings?

Yes, you can. Once you set a password from within Yodal, you can then tick a box to apply it to individual recordings. Before being able to listen to your recording, your PA will have to enter your password.

How are Yodal files sent from my handset?

With Yodal's VoiStream protocol, your recording is transferred while you're speaking. Whatever changes you make to the recording are synchronised with the server, whether you're adding, inserting or deleting. As soon as you press Send, the recording is packaged up with any information you've added and sent as an email from our cloud servers.

What happens if the Yodal server goes down?

Another server will automatically pick up the workload. Our secure server cloud spans several locations, and is designed for maximum resilience and reliability.

What happens if my organisation uses a BES?

Yodal will route HTTPS traffic via your organisation's BES. Some IT policies might prevent you from using Yodal, in which case you'll need to speak to your IT department. We can provide packages to enable Enterprise Deployment.

Can I use media card encryption on my BlackBerry® smartphone?

Yes, we encourage you to enable media card encryption to further enhance security. However, on an older BlackBerry this might cause Yodal to run slightly slower than expected.

What happens if I record when there is no network connection?

Your recordings will stay in the Outbox until they can be sent. Once you've pressed Send you can be sure your recording will reach its destination, but you can always check on its progress in the Outbox. So you can safely use Yodal on trains, on the underground, or up a mountain.

Can I amend recordings that have already been sent?

Yes, you can. Like e-mail, your previous recordings are available in the Sent Items folder. Just open the recording, amend it, and resend it.

I'm recording on Yodal and I receive a phone call. What happens?

Your Yodal recording will be paused and the handset will show the incoming call. Once you've finished the call, Yodal will reappear so you can continue where you left off. If you can't remember where you got to, you can skip back with the 'Review' button.

Is there a developer API available?

Whilst we currently don't have a publicly accessible API available, we are always interested in talking to other developers about integration ideas. Please contact us.

More questions?

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